Does Your Daughter Feel Beautiful?

My daughter Ellah, and her friend Ella (both 9), danced with abandon in the Goddess Crafts Faire a few days ago. The belly dancers and musicians on stage were a motivation: each elaborately outfitted and decorated, they were of any size and shapes: ample, curvy, skinny, along with a stunning pregnant belly-dancer! My daughter and her friend danced so freely, so united nations-self-consciously it introduced tears to

my eyes…

What encouraged such freedom?

In my opinion the solution is based on MODELING. The ladies on stage were so care-free within their dance, each representing a totally different kind of beauty. The press, both written and electronic, attempts to impose upon us, and imprint on the girls’ impressionable minds, the “only” beauty standard: skinny, boyish, and unfeminine… Consequently, women all over the world starve themselves, and develop seating disorder for you to do this ideal, so abnormal to women’s physiques.

After I woke up to bop in the Faire, I had been moved by my instinct, in addition to my thoughts: the background music awakened a rhythm within me, and that i felt compelled to maneuver. Nobody else was dancing, though… I grew to become conscious that through getting up and dancing, I’d give the women permission to complete exactly the same! And they also did: not really a moment passed and both Ellah and Ella were by my side, letting the rhythm move them.

You who are able to tip the total amount for the girl! Departing the function-modeling towards the media leaves your girlfriend without any choice, and demonstrate to her no options. You, however, are her truly viable choice!

Do you feel beautiful no matter your own body’s closeness to that particular from the super-models? Would you allow you to ultimately celebrate as being a lady with movement, stretch, dance, skip, song, whatever moves you?

Exactly what does your girlfriend see when she glimpses you searching within the mirror? Exactly what does she hear whenever you mention your shape, unwanted weight, your period? Does she see behaviors you need her to follow along with? Does she hear messages that encourage her to feel beautiful?

This really is both “unhealthy” and “the great” news, all covered with one:

YOUR type of womanhood is exactly what allows your girlfriend to feel beautiful about herself! It might be not so good news as it were, in case your messages haven’t been so positive to date. But the good thing is that change is with you!