How you can Fit Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Fitting glass splashbacks is amazingly easy, so even if you’re not brave enough to tackle calculating yourself you should think about fitting yourself, helping you save lots of money on installation costs.

To obtain began fitting your personal glass splashbacks, you’ll need the next tools.

Silicone gun

Tile spacers

Neutral cure silicone

Builders wipes

Electrical screwdriver (optional)

If you want to accomodate electrical sockets or plumbing fixings you have to first remove any fittings. For electrical sockets make sure the power is totally isolated and test this utilizing a phase tester/socket tester. It’s most likely best to obtain a qualified Electrician to get this done for you personally.

The very best wall panel to begin on is generally your primary oven splashback or center wall panel. Put it using the colored side on an amount surface. Open your silicone and put it within your silicone gun. Provide the walls a fast dust and also the rear from the glass so everything sticks correctly when fitted. Next, making use of your silicone gun apply blobs of silicone/adhesive evenly around the colored side from the glass.

Lift the glass panel and put it firmly from the wall, preserve the development gaps you left using 2mm tile spacers (so put them beneath the glass and round the edges). The following splashback or wall panel you need to fit ought to be directly beside your primary splashback. So again, put it face lower and apply your adhesive towards the rear from the panel, press towards the wall and keep your expansion gaps using tile spacers. Remember, no expansion gap is essential in which a glass panel meets another panel, so make sure the joints are tight and flush. If there’s any silicone/adhesive around the glass wipe them back before it hardens making use of your builders wipes.

Repeat the above mentioned for the remaining splashbacks and refit any plumbing fittings or electrical sockets. You have to now leave the spacers in position not less than 24 hrs to permit the adhesive to create. To check on it’s set, take away the bottom spacers and try to slowly move the splashback, if you fail to then you’re prepared to seal your splashbacks.