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No Brainer Food Storage – Wise Foods Take A Cutting-edge Approach

I have been researching the different choices for building our food storage and among the companies I have been impressed with pays Foods. They take a cutting-edge approach in supplying dependable, easy and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated meals for emergency readiness and outside use. Regardless if you are preparing your loved ones for future years or planning the next outside adventure, Wise Foods provides tasty, nutritious entrees which are fast and simple. Finally a reliable, simple, and cost-effective option for your emergency food and outside needs.

25-Year Shelf Existence

Wise Foods’ ready-made your meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches, after which encased in durable plastic containers. Their own packaging process removes as much as 98% from the residual oxygen via a vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing practice.

Their ready-made meals have a shelf existence of twenty five years, with simply no rotation needed. That’s twenty five years with no stress of wondering in case your family may have enough good, functional food when emergency strikes.

As their entrees will not have to be rotated every couple of years like other food storage products, buying Wise Foods could save you 1000s of dollars lengthy-term as the price of food keeps rising. By purchasing Wise meals you’ll again be saving 1000s of dollars through the years. In desperate situations, food will probably be worth greater than diamonds or gold.

Great Taste

Wise’s number of entrees and breakfasts are not only seen hearty and nutritious, but additionally so, so scrumptious! They”ve contracted with professional chefs to generate menu products that both children and adults will like. Every meal consists of both freeze-dried as well as dehydrated components and thoroughly sealed in the -serving mylar pouch. You can be certain that whenever it’s re-hydrated and heated, it’ll have exactly the same enticing taste and aroma because the day it was initially prepared… Through the use of both freeze-dried and dehydrated food, we provide ready-made meals which are certain to be fresh when reconstituted despite 25 years, if stored in optimal conditions.

Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Advantages:

Food maintains its original flavor, shape, color, and texture

Food maintains its dietary value

Meals are condensed in dimensions

With almost all its water extracted, meals are very lightweight

With inclusion of water, meals are rapidly and completely reconstituted 6. Wise customers enjoy reassurance due to the food’s lengthy shelf existence

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