Trash Can With Lid: The Advantages

For you who value hygiene, whether, at home or the office, trash cans play an essential role so that the environment is always very clean and organized. To avoid direct contact with the object that, in most cases, contains germs and bacteria, there are trash can with lid (ถัง ขยะ มี ฝา ปิด which is the term in Thai) that detect movement and automatically open the lid with different materials and formats. Therefore, the ideal choice is a trash can with a lid.

For each type of trash can with a lid, there is an immense infinity of designs suitable for each environment. Due to the numerous wastes discarded during the day in a residence, each room requires its trash.


For bathrooms and offices, for example, smaller bins are recommended, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and bad smells inside the house. At the same time, it is customary to use larger bins for kitchens. Size is essential, as are details of the pedal opening, retractable lid, and accessories such as a handle and removable bucket.


To choose the capacity of the ideal dump, one should check the relationship with the amount of garbage generated. For offices, the trash can be emptied at most once a day. The trash should be emptied once every 2 days for bedrooms and other rooms.


Plastic bins are the most common and most affordable. Stainless steel ones are more sophisticated and usually cost more. You can also find those made of fiber, porcelain, polyethylene, iron, etc. Polyethylene ones are on the rise for their greater durability flexibility, allowing them to be left in the sun and simple cleaning.

For your trash can with a lid to be in harmony with the rest of the environment, it must have the right design for each space. Now that you know a little about the trash cans make the ideal choice of your trash can with a lid.